Faces of Engine28

NEA/USC Annenberg Fellows

After writing several million words for Advocate/Weekly alt-weeklies in Connecticut, arts critic/reporter Christopher Arnott made the leap into cyberspace with www.scribblers.us and New Haven Theater Jerk.

Former pianist for Chicago's Second City and blogger at Sports Media America, 'notorious' Martin Brady has covered theater, opera and dance at Nashville Scene for more than a decade.

Anthony Byrnes has worn many hats in LA theater (from teacher to producer to theater builder), but being theater critic for KCRW is the first one that comes with good seats.

Linda Fowler, formerly arts editor for the Star-Ledger, is a Real Freelancer of New Jersey whose new career is seen by some as payback for all those cut grafs, rewritten ledes and groaner heds.

St. Louis Beacon arts journalist Nancy Fowler believes that when it comes to social justice, one play is worth a thousand rants.

Ben Fulton, who writes about theater and other assorted arts matters for the Salt Lake Tribune, is an amateur violinist who still has not seen The Book of Mormon.

A culture writer for the New York Times, Rachel Lee Harris is ready to absorb some of Los Angeles' local color into her work, as well as onto her pasty-white legs.

Lou Harry, playwright, novelist, former stand-up comic and now A&E editor for the Indianapolis Business Journal, is trying to write a book for every Dewey Decimal System category.

A contributor to outlets such as Philadelphia Weekly and Philadelphia Tribune, Gerry Christopher Johnson fits writing on the arts, race and sexuality between tennis matches and glasses of wine.

Formerly of TBD.com and soon to join the Washington Post, Maura Judkis once embedded with a troupe of street-performance clowns for a story.

Jenny Lawton hails from the Second City and lives in the First, where she makes radio about theater for PRI and WNYC's Studio 360.

Arizona Republic theater writer Kerry Lengel fell in love with Shakespeare as a child, thanks to the severed head in Cymbeline, and with musicals as an adult, thanks to Hairspray and Spring Awakening.

Staff arts reporter at New York Magazine and Vulture.com, Rebecca Milzoff is a new-music fan, choreography maven and musical-theater nerd extraordinaire.

Founder and editor of Stage Rush, Jesse North interviews Broadway actors, plays Mad Libs with them, and secretly plots how he can look younger for the inevitable revival of Spring Awakening.

In 2000, venturing beyond her day job in the idyllic halls of academe, Kathryn Osenlund entered the glamorous, lucrative night world of theater criticism as CurtainUp.com’s Philadelphia critic.

San Francisco-based arts journalist Julie Potter is crazy about seeing, doing and digesting performance. Writing is her anchor.

If you like graphic novels, film, popular uprisings, urban hikes, horseplay, stage plays, John Adams or Philip Glass, city skylines, hip-hop, underground art … then you and Walter Ryce should talk.

Usually researching answers to her 7-year-old's questions (“Why did they call it Greenland?”), arts reporter Laura Spencer relishes the idea of asking her own questions as an NEA fellow.

Grace Suh is Korean. That means she always had to go to music camp instead of drama camp. Now, she's finally getting her chance.

Style Weekly critic/blogger David Timberline says excellent theater happens in Richmond, VA -- really -- and hardly any of it is about tobacco or the Civil War.

Ben Waterhouse wanted to be a muckraking investigative journalist, but then the theater critic quit, and he was the only writer in the Willamette Week newsroom who didn't duck.

NEA/USC Annenberg Editors and Staff

Sasha Anawalt, USC Annenberg

Doug McLennan, ArtsJournal.com

Jeff Weinstein, ArtsJournal.com's Out There

Arianna Sikorski, USC Annenberg

Susan Brenneman, L.A. Times

Edward Lifson, Idea News

Steven Leigh Morris, L.A. Weekly

Laurie Ochoa, Slake

Dominic Papatola, Saint Paul Pioneer Press

Michael Phillips, Chicago Tribune

Howard Shapiro, Philadelphia Inquirer

Jennifer Taylor, Specific Pictures

Rebecca Haithcoat, L.A. Weekly

Becca Kinskey, L.A. Weekly/freelance

Suzi Steffen, University of Oregon

Marcelo Bustamente, Slake

Bethany Firnhaber, USC Annenberg

Jason Kehe, Neon Tommy

Rachel Neubeck, USC


  1. Congratulations on your work, folks of Engine 28. I know today (20th) marks the end of your coverage, but i hope you plan to keep the website up so those of us who were so busy at TCG can catch up to what you’ve covered and share it on Facebook, Twitter, etc. Thanks again.


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