day 1- two beccas

Drinks, theater. Theater, drinks. And a really good piece of red velvet cake. Take it from two people who love her, LA ain't easy. You have to put a little work into the relationship, but we've been around the block and we're ready to show you … [Read more...]

What’s an Engine28?

Arts journalism, reinvented for the 21st century What’s an Engine28? Take 21 theater-savvy journalists from around the country, and add editors and web producers. Put them in an online newsroom in downtown Los Angeles, close to two major … [Read more...]

Intro to RADAR L.A. with Laura Spencer

What is RADAR L.A.?. June 14 - June 19, 2011 When Theatre Communications Group announced its 50th anniversary conference would take place in 2011 in Los Angeles, Ca., a festival in the works for nearly five years set a date. RADAR L.A., an … [Read more...]

The Defiant Ones: ‘The Word Begins’

Words fly, and the audience laughs  -- then ducks A monochromatic white screen acts as a canvas, and stools, plugged-in microphones and not much more are the tools for Steve Connell’s and Sekou Andrews' two-man assault on racism, politics, fear, … [Read more...]

Chekhov’s Widow Faces Love, Death: ‘Neva’

  A Chilean company finds the bitter side of humor The psychic whiplash inflicted by Teatro en el Blanco’s Neva, one of four plays to inaugurate the RADAR L.A. festival on Tuesday night, goes far beyond the race your eyes must make (if you … [Read more...]

L.A. Times Forum Tackles Question of ‘Theater Town’

Is Los Angeles a Theater Town? A resounding “maybe.” The Los Angeles Times roundtable began with a contentious question portending more than its share of blood in the water: "Is Los Angeles a Theater Town?" But the sharks of LA’s theater … [Read more...]